13% is not enough...

Only 13% of employees are Actively Engaged at work. The vast majority of employees - over 63% - are "Not Engaged".

This is defined as employees lacking motivation and unlikely to focus their efforts on organisational goals or outcomes.

Further to this, 24% are "Actively Disengaged," this means unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers.

Our mission is to fix this and we believe the way to do this is to help create environments where work is a fulfilling, rewarding and positive experience for all.

Unhappy people = unhappy results

Poor engagement will lead to people who feel unhappy and unfulfilled which in turn leads to poor results.

Teams will not function well, innovation will stifle and lead to bottlenecking, sustainability and creative approaches to problems will step aside due to increased stress and reduced well being and growth will slow, or ultimately, stop.

This is absolutely critical for business.

Happy people = happy results

An Actively Engaged workforce is a happy workforce. A happy workforce creates a sustainable business, retains staff, generates more profit and will ultimately last the long term.

We spend more time at work than any other activity. We owe it to ourselves and our staff to ensure this time is spent in as productive, fulfilling and committed state as a possible.

People should arrive and leave work feeling they are a key part of your mission and genuinely connected to those they work with.

Responsible, happy, engaged and committed people.

The way to do this is to connect your employees strengths and passions to your mission.

This is how we help.