When your leaders are engaged...


the three ingredients of engaging leaders

1. They set goals the achievement of which will deliver growth AND which inspire their organisation.
2. They devolve the “how we will do it” to lower levels to increase the organisations thinking power and creativity.
3. They create a work environment in which people feel free to give of their best

the results of engaging leaders

1. People feel relaxed and at ease.
2. They have a strong sense of purpose.
3. They feel respected and valued for their skills and abilities.
4. They are given the space and resources to achieve.
Continuous feedback reinforces the sense that they are achieving and reassures senior management.

...your people become engaged

to have engaged people

1. They must be clear about where they are going.
2. They must believe that what they are doing serves a purpose.
3. They must be using skills and abilities they enjoy and in which they take pride.
4. They must be given the space to execute.
5. They must feel relaxed, respected and valued.

to have engaged teams

1. People must like and respect their colleagues.
2. The team must be clear about what they are doing.
3. They must believe that what they are doing serves a purpose.
4. They must enjoy the experience of working together.
5. They must be appropriately resourced.
6. They must receive feedback to tell them how they are doing.


Get Actively Engaged

The Actively Engaged programme brings this to life guided by two overarching principles

  1. Connect what they are good at to your mission
  2. Rapidly develop their skills to get the job done in an effective, purposeful and collaborative way